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Advertising campaign to attract more charity donations

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The brief
Lort Smith Animal Hospital wants to promote cage sponsorship where a sizeable donation of $250/$500 a year helps to re-condition animals before they can be re-homed. The task is to design an advertising campaign to engage a wider audience, raise awareness and attract desired sponsorship. Design should adhere to brand guidelines.

The insight
The program is aimed loosely at individuals, schools and businesses. A strong emotional connection is needed that is universal. The idea is that a positive link would work better than appealing to a sense of guilt, especially where schools are targeted.

The solution
The final theme appeals with having a lovely home to go to. The campaign shows happy animals at their new homes and goes with a slogan “Every dog should have its day”. Bright one-colour posters stand out in the crowd as opposed to many photographic ones in this space. Three different designs (one for each of the brand colours) were applied to a series of posters, print in local magazines, large print environmental display, leaflets and a Welcome Pack for those who sign up.

Role: art direction, concept development, slogan, artwork design.

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