How to make this Christmas card season exciting and involve the entire corporate team

15 November 2016 | Design, Brand management, Corporate comms

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It is that time of the year when you start thinking about what you are going to send as a Christmas card to your clients, suppliers, business partners and business leads. There are many options to choose from, starting from a general “Season’s Greetings” image to animated GIFs and videos. It does not have to be a boring task. Instead, why not make it an opportunity for a team building exercise.

Options not to take

Some corporate Christmas greetings will involve team signatures or even team pictures in various iterations of Christmas attire and posing. While the latter may seem like the most personal, consider a few things:

With that in mind, let's think of an alternative to tick all the points above and make it a positive experience for everyone. To create something meaningful we will have to come up with a way of creating a strong emotional connection.

Making it personal

You will find that if you ask people what they associate with Christmas you will get some surprising answers as well as those you might expect. And everyone should be able to name something they like about the Christmas period, even if they don't like Christmas itself.

In the company I worked one year we asked everybody in the team to write down things that remind them of Christmas. The lists we got back were as much heartwarming and general as they were strange and personal. It was a perfect starting point for what we had in mind.

Armed with a collection of items from everyone’s lists we started designing. Simplicity is key in design, therefore, we decided to go with a simple “Merry Christmas” that summarised what we wanted to say. Each letter was going to be built from the references everybody listed.

What made it personal and meaningful for us was that the things we were going to display were not just random items. Those were the little pieces of everyone's experiences and personality. We were going to give a little bit of everybody's heart with a message simple but genuine, as a true gift and greeting should be.

The reception

Revealing the final design internally was loads of fun. It got bags of excitement from the team. Everybody gathered around to play a version of "Where's Wally" looking to find their items and guessing who picked others.

We were now ready to send it out and await feedback.

Not every corporate effort to send a collective message is a success, but you can make it personal by involving everybody in the process and giving a sense of ownership.

Try something different this year involving the whole team and being your brand champion.

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